I shared in my first post, My Red Swing, how I loved to spend my time as a little girl on my swing in our backyard. I loved to sing, too, and I’d perform my repertoire of camp and pop songs as I swung back and forth for hours. The gentle motion of the swing, the wind in my face, unleashed my imagination and freed me from my suburban environment. My swing and imagination took me to faraway lands, where there was interesting art and literature, people were kind and admiring, and I was strong, talented and beautiful. And there was always an adventure to be had!

I have fond memories of my swing and when I thought of what to name my blog, it came to me suddenly  –  A Swing and a Song –  A place where I can unleash my memories, thoughts, musings, imagination. Sing with my whole soul. Pour it all out.

This became my personal project, my passion. I’m quite proud of my little blog, vulnerable and excited at the same time. I don’t aspire to Pulitzer Prize writing by any means and my writing chops are a bit rusty, but ah, it feels lovely to write and put it all down.

This blog won’t follow any particular timeline; I’ll touch on subjects dealing with my experiences with chronic illness, weight gain and loss, bullying, relationships, loss, self-esteem, personal and physical transformation. Through it all, I hope to communicate a thread of hope, fortitude, joie de vivre, and determination.  I invite you to join me and am grateful for your company. I welcome and encourage your comments.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the influence and support of some very special people in my life:  My family, especially my mother, Amy, who is a true survivor with a heart of gold, my sister, Kathy, a gifted teacher, who provides me with unconditional love. To my friends, Libby, Linda and Coletta, who have stood by me through chronic illness, metaphorical left turns, loss, and finally, incredible happiness and satisfaction; my editor and long-time friend, thank you for your frank feedback and careful handling of my writing. Alexanndra, my intrepid guide and counsel. All the teachers who have shaped and encouraged my writing, reined in my perpetual vocabulary and introduced me to literature and new ideas, especially Gene Wagner and the gracious and lovely Dr. Lucille Pederson Hardgrove. Lorianne, for your fabulous job on my website.  And finally, my friend, P, who encouraged me to write this blog in the first place.