Writer’s Block

I have been plagued by Writer’s Block the past several days. And I have been hoping it would just sort of, go away. That’s not like me. I usually deal with issues or problems head on, dissect them, analyze them, problem solve. Ask questions. Get to the root of the matter. Sometimes to the chagrin of those close to me. But I grew up with a father, God love him, who didn’t communicate very well, who either yelled or turned on the silent treatment during disagreements, at times for months. Reasonable dialogue was something I learned on my own, not by example. So not letting things fester, being sensitive and empathic with potential issues is something that I, as a result of my upbringing, have learned to employ.

But I have let my Muse lead me on a merry chase the past few days. It is scary when you feel inspiration dry up, when the wellspring seems to have diminished to a trickle. So much material, so much to write about, where did it all go? I take a deep breath, my fingers pause on the keyboard…

And I decide to blame the weather.

The slight balminess to the air, that gentle stirring of all things green and blooming about you—ah, yes, Spring has arrived. This is the contender for Major Distraction of the Week Award.

It pulls me outside. I feel that expectation, that quiver of anticipation that the year is truly starting, that everything has suddenly awakened and is stretching in its skin. I feel like I have been dormant these past few months and that it is time to surge forward, make strides, climb mountains, feel that runner’s high. Both metaphorically and physically.

But it is wreaking havoc with my creative flow. I feel like I am in limbo.

There is a part of me that wants to turn to other writers for inspiration but I fear being too impressionable right now, that I may mimic or parrot. I want to remain true to my voice.

I hear laughter far off in the distance. My Muse is still there, but she is off prancing about the May-pole and paying me no mind so I am left to my own devices. What can I say? It is Spring and everyone is out celebrating. I must hunker down and sort this out myself.

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