Unconditional Love

My nephew, Jake, was questioning my sister on what it meant to be a godparent. She explained that a godparent was someone who watched out for you, who loved you, and made sure you went to church and prayed regularly. If something happened to your parents, they might even take care of you and help raise you.

Jake’s twin brother, David, eyed him and said, “You’re lucky, Jake. You have Aunt Amalie as your Godmother. She’ll always take care of you!”

Jake replied, “Don’t worry, David, Aunt Amalie will always take care of you, too!”

David said, “Oh, I know she will!”

A child knows when he or she has unconditional love. My precious nephews are all of 12 years of age and already have a pretty good bead on things.

It was a simple conversation that my sister had with her two boys but it made my eyes brim with tears and my heart swell with emotion. Just one of those unexpected, “hey, let me tell you what the boys said about you,” little stories that just made my day and reminded me again of how much love I have in my life. Lovely and sweet.



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